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Friday through Sunday was spent at the Beltane Brouhaha held at Kings Mountain State Park South Carolina. The event is put on by the North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca who did a wonderful job and everyone had a good time. I love Beltane and is a great time to come together with others in  celebration and good times. The kids went as part of the Spiral Scouts groups, where a few scout troops came together, including one that had come up from Georgia. They had activities  from crafts of making prayer bead necklaces and may baskets, Pan foot races, the Spiral Scouts awards ceremony and Dancing the Maypole where their was also workshops for the adults from chanting, to flower essences and several others to choose from. Drumming around the central fire at night while the kids played and just over all a good time. Jelly Bean made a friend that she wants to keep in contact, she also lives in North Carolina however about 3 hours away. They did exchange address and phone numbers though and I exchanged emails with her mom who I had the pleasure to talk with, she will be starting to homeschool her 3 children this coming up year.

We shared a lodge with other Spiral Scout families and spent the whole 3 days out in nature  getting plenty of conversation and exercise and renewing our spirits. The weather could not of been more pleasant and it was a wonderful opportunity for the kids to experience. While it was quite different from the Beltane we attended last year at Circle Sanctuary in Wisconson, it was just as nice and fun.

2 things that I have read this week that may be of some interest to other unschooling families are

http://www.sudval.com/01_abou_06.html   This is the link for Sudbury Schools which are a Democratically structured school with unschooling philosophies where children come together every day taking part in the decisions of who stays on the Board of Directors, how the schools budget is spent, field trips and such. They are allowed to explore what interests them within the school and take active leadership on how to spend their time where staff is available when they ask for help.  Use the link to explore more of this fantastic alternative school!

The other one is my favorite unschooling advocate, Dayna Martin who is starting a new chapter in her journey as an Unschooling Doula or another words the “Un-Nanny” where she comes to your home for 3 or 4 days much as the show the “Super Nanny” where she observes the first day then makes suggestions for a more peaceful, respectful parenting role and Sharing her radical unschool philosophy. Check it out at http://thesparklingmartins.blogspot.com/   

There are some fantastic things coming into the unschooling world so check them out!

Carnival Time!

Yesterday me and hubby went scrap metaling during the day, as we were going to a friends, Wizard asked if he could come to play with his friend while we worked. So the girls  stayed home and the rest of us headed out to our friends, initially we were just going to borrow their flat bed trailor however it turned out our work would be at their house cutting up large metal beams they needed removed so it worked out great! We went and turned in our load then came and picked up the girls then back out to our friends to drop off their trailor and pick up Wizard. From there we took them to a Carnival we knew was going on in Asheboro and had a blast! It is kind of funny because I use to be a thrill seeker and loved any ride at a carnival or amusement park. Over the years however I have been having hearing problems and think my equalibrium is way more off than I thought as all the rides made me really ill.  The only ride I was okay with was the Spider but I went on 2 other spinning rides that made me really sick, however my stomach would settle down. The ride that really did me in was the last ride where it was basically a little roller coaster with lots of flashing lights of different colors and man I could not take those lights! I have never gotten that sick in my life!   However I must say I am so proud of Wizard who is NOT at all into carnival rides and the first ride we went on was the Pharoahs Fury which is that big ship that swings back and forth and he HATED it, said he would  not go on another ride but he went on 3 other rides after that! I am very proud of him! He enjoyed the other rides too!   Well after the last ride we went on that did me in, we went out to the Golden Coral to eat……….UGH I almost went back out to the car while everyone else ate but I decided to man up and deal with it. I could not even stomach the coffee which is BAD, I always am up for coffee! So I got a water  and 10 bucks worth of apple sauce and mashed potatos! I had to make sure  not to look at anyone elses plates, especially hubby’s! It took me over an hour to start feeling better, I thought I was even going to pass out at a few points but I got through it. Jelly bean was more than happy to go get my plate of apple sauce and she brought back a piece of chicken for me that I nibbled on the whole time, very slowly!  I felt bad though because all my kids felt horrible at how sick I had gotten but I kept reassuring them that I would be okay and I am glad they all had fun.

This was the  first time Jelly bean has ever been able to go to a carnival, so it was tons of fun. She  went to an amusement park once when we visited her grandparents in Indiana but when we lived in the UP of michigan hubby always had to work on the carnivals so we never got to go and there was no amusement parks near us. It is always fun being able to do something with the kids they have never gotten to do before as it never fails to make their eyes light up and I love that part! I also learned the lesson that I am not young anymore and thrill rides are over for me as much as I love them, I will be the one on the ground taking pictures in the future!

  Playing Rock Band

  Neighbor Bringing over a snake for identification, thought he was a poisonous snake but no it was an Eastern Hog Nose Snake.

Eastern Hog Nose Snake

  Finding out how hard it was to catch her favorite sultan chicks!

  the Sultans are her favorite chickens she ordered

Son making homemade syrup

Life = Learning

Jelly bean recieved a sun print kit from her sister for christmas, which was not a very sunny time so it was put up until the weather improved. She remembered it the other day when she was going through her cupboard of art supplies and pulled it  out all excited, I was in the middle of some chores yet I set my chores aside for the moment to show her how they were done. She delighted in going around to find items she wanted to use, one was simply grass blades and ironically that one turned out to be my favorite one she did!  It was great fun and she only did three so she still has plenty we can do, we have to keep a look out on our walks hoping to find special items for her sun  prints.

Later that same day ( the day before yesterday) she found 2 little green catepillars so she set up a can for them to observe them and asked if we could go online to find out what type they might be. I was a little busy at the moment but I told her sure, we can do that a little later in the day. She really wanted to know what they ate and what type of butterfly or  moth they might turn into. She spent some time observing them and then we all decided it was hot so we would jump in the pool for a little bit.  I love this time where the whole family jumps in the pool and enjoys relaxing together, talking and playing!

As we got out of the pool, hubby found a little snake next to it so we took a couple pictures to help identify it and let it go.

Later as promised Jelly bean, our eldest daughter and myself all got online and tried to figure out what her catepillars were, we are not positive but we think we found out it may be a white spotted prominent moth. Finding out the ate maple and oak leaves, she ran outside to make sure she added some of those to the can.

Then we looked for the snake, which we really did not find out what it was, we think it may be  a milk or corn snake of some type but not sure.

Now 2 days later she still has one of the catepillars but she is a little upset it seems that one may of escaped! LOL

This is what my son, Wizard  watched on Sci-Fi the other day, he loves stuff like this and has always had a love for history dealing with ancient civilizations. The Crystal Skulls are a facinating story, if you would like to know more on these check out this link at http://www.world-mysteries.com/sar_6_1.htm  

It is kind of nice, many time we watch things like this together but on occasions where we don’t, he gives great detail of what the show was about and does not forget all the key points of interesting facts. He really enjoyed this show.

Tonight Wizard was really excited a new Mythbusters was airing we have not seen before. Mythbusters has always been a favorite show of his and he just loves the experiments they come up with. Tonights episode dealth with whether it was worse to get hit in the skull with an empty bottle or a full bottle and leather cannons, the leather cannons was really cool!  This was all watched after a fun filled evening of a hot dog roast at our fire pit with the neighbors, a game of bocci ball and a wild game of duck duck goose haha!